Harnessing the power of gelatin !

Gelatin is amazingly effective joint supplement helping with arthritic changes and aging but some studies have shown that the main amino acid in gelatine, namely glycine, can be effective in producing a safeguard against epileptic seizures and potential brain damage. Resistance to seizures may be increased by a gelatin supplement and an estimated 1% of all dogs have some form of seizure illness.

Gelatin supplements are excellent for all breeds of dogs and cats. Larger breeds grow at an amazing rate in their first year of life therefore bones, joints, tendons and cartilage need correct nourishment to support increasing body weight. Gelatin is quickly absorbed to begin stimulating skeletal collagen production at a cellular level.

....we have developed 3 amazing varieties to choose from, with added benefits
each variety contains 3 flavours and each flavour makes 3 standard jellies 
                                              = 9 standard jellies per pack
Protein Shots..
Providing energy. Contains many essential amino acids without which your pet can not thrive.
3 flavours in pack.

Probiotic Shots....

will eliminate any bad bacteria in your pet's gut, bringing the immune system back to balance. Aids in breath freshening

3 flavours in pack

Beet Latte,



Fruit n Veg Shots....

The Fruits and veg used contain Vit A B n C High in fiber and antioxidants. They aid in digestion, control flatulence and aid in the prevention of cancer and liver disease. Aid in whitening teeth.

3 flavours in pack

Mixed Berry

Sweet Potato Pumpkin n Spinach

Carrot Broccoli n Payaya