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A Safe and Fun Treat!


Matatabi has a similar effect on cats as catnip, but it is even more dynamic, and a higher percentage of the cat population is attracted.


Most cat owners have tried using catnip and we all like to see cats rolling around in elation.

Cats love catnip, but about 50% of cats only react to catnip Well what about the  50% that seem to pay no attention to catnip?


Well now there's Matatabi.. or if you just want to give your cat a different awesome treat.


Matatabi is a plant that grows in the mountainous areas of Japan and has the scientific name Actinidia polygama. Matatabi has two ingredients that get cats excited; actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide. The leaves are also used to make tea for humans.

A study published in the BioMed Central Veterinary Research (source) comparing the effects of Matatabi, Tatarian honeysuckle, valerian, and catnip on 100 domestic cats.

Almost 80% of the cats responded to  Matatabi. This was the largest reaction to any of the stimulants used, showing that Matatabi has some genuine effects.


Cat’s don't like having a toothbrush in their mouths, but they still need to eat certain types of foods to keep their teeth strong and healthy, and there's not much out there!

Matatabi sticks not only allure cats to play and chew, but they also give a cat’s teeth a good clean at the same time


They have a rough texture like a bark which is great at removing plaque and aiding is general cleaning. Cats salivate while chewing this will also promote dental health.


​It has also known for...

  • The prevention of diabetes

  • stabilize blood pressure

matatabi stick label.jpg

Pu-sy Pops & Pus-sy Prisms

Cats have an extra scent organ called the vomeronasal gland in the roof of their mouth. This special pathway allows scents that are collected in the nose and mouth to be carried to the brain.

Nepetalactone is the oil that’s found within the catnip plant’s leaves that can cause behavioural changes in cats. They have to smell the catnip.

Catnip mimics feline sex hormones, so cats enjoying catnip can display behaviours can include overt signs of affection, relaxation, and happiness. Other cats will display active behaviours, such as playfulness.

pus-sy pops.jpg
pus-sy prism.jpg
pus-sy pops1.jpg
pussy prism.jpg

Holistic Toy Matatabi prism with catnip ball.


Brush n Play

A Safe and Fun Treat

  • Promotes dental health

  • Natural treat made from the Actinidia polygama plant

  • Aids in the prevention of diabetes

  • Helps stabilize blood pressure

  • Great for dental health!

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