Specialising  in 100% natural, preservative and sugar-free treats for your pets.  


Fresh, natural, high quality, low fat, and pawlicious

treats your fur babies! 

Our treats appeal to the two greatest senses, smell and taste. Our very own pet nutritionist ensures there is the right balance of healthy and tasty - with only the best flavors.


Our dog and cat treats only contain high-quality ingredients, are made in Australia using Australian ingredients and are sealed for freshness. 

Beef n Bone Marrow

Rich in calcium and essential nutrients,

Ideal for healthy bones and healing

Beef with Bone Marrow


Sweet Roo & Parsley

Rich Source of dietary fiber, antioxidants &

essential nutrients. Freshens Breath

Pawfect for sensitive stomachs.

kangaroo Sweet Potato & Parsley

             Chuckberry Chips
Enriched with antioxidants essential for  a healthy immune system
Chicken Duck and Wildberries

Chicken n Coconut Balls

The Goodness of Aussie Chicken Breast with Coconut and Manuka Honey

Chicken is a fantastic source of lean protein along with Vitamin B6  which aids in heart health and in later stages in life aids in the prevention of bone loss.

In addition the power of Coconut and Manuka Honey