100% natural, preservative and sugar-free treats for your  cats & dogs.   , Human Grade, high quality, low fat, and pawlicious

Blade has been keeping a secret.
Blade's mamma (our pet nutritionist) has been making treats just for her! 
After an accidental bag swap, some of Blade's besties discovered this secret and needless to say we're excited and a little disappointed....... So Blade has decided to share.
The first of Blade's Private Label is Calamari (squid)!
She is very partial to seafood
Calamari  Contain:
  • Copper, which is important for red blood cell production and the production of iron.

  • Zinc is an immune system booster, and able to help your dog fend off disease and stay healthier for longer.


Calamari when prepared properly (that is all-natural no additives or preservatives), acts as a good source of protein and has a low-calorie count, Making it the ideal treat for dogs of all sizes.

Available in........
Calamari Twists
great chew treat
Calamari Bite size 
fantastic for training
Blade's Bestie Aya